Vector and Matrix

Important facts

  • vector and matrix function blocks have a rewriting input
    • the block numbering is therefore very important
  • memory allocation has to be done by using the Create block or by variable (automatic allocation)

Basic vector and matrix handling

Vecotrs are a special form of matrices. The handling in iCon-L is the same, therefore the following examples are shown for matrices.

By line

Normaly you shoud use them by connecting the different functionblocks by line

Connect via line

Definition by connection

Another way is to use variables, for the same handling, the variable has to defined as definition by connection (reference)

Automatic allocation

If you define the variable with automatic allocation and you want to initialize the matrix you do it like this

Do not use the Create Matrix block

File operation

If you want to load a saved matrix from a file system, at first you have to allocate the memory by using the Create Matrix block

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